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Broken Bones and Fractures

Whenever a person has experienced a broken or fractured bone, it is imperative that they seek immediate medical treatment from a qualified facility like Central Illinois Urgent Care. Exactly what treatments will be prescribed depends upon many factors. There may be those that can heal with only a cast being applied to the area. Others may demand surgical intervention or the use of metal plates or screws to secure the bones together. If you believe that you may have broken or fractured a bone, it is important that you come get immediate medical attention.

Fracture Types

The first thing that will happen when you arrive is, the doctor will determine the nature of your injury. This is necessary in order to determine how to proceed. Most bone injuries can be categorized into one of four groups.

1) Stable Fracture: The simplest of all fractures, this describes a bone that is still in place, even after it has been broken. When viewing an X-ray, these will look like a line drawn into the bone. Frequently, there is not a gap or noticeable space between the two pieces.
2) Hairline Fracture: This is when a bone has broken but, not all the way through. It can also be called a partial fracture. The line on an X-ray will not show completely through the bone.
3) Open Compound Fracture: In these cases, the flesh has also been compromised where the injury occurred. In many instances, the bone has punctured through the flesh, but this may not always be the case.
4) Comminuted Fracture: This is the most serious form of break as the bone has been broken to form at least three disconnected pieces. These almost always require surgical intervention. In addition, the use of metal plates, pins or screws may be needed to secure the pieces in place so they may heal properly.

What Does a Fracture Look and Feel Like?

When a person breaks a bone, there will be pain. The area will be incredibly sensitive to pressure. Even the lightest of touches may provoke high levels of pain. In addition, the area around it is likely to swell incredibly. The tissue may become bruised and bleeding can occur in the case of a compound fracture. If the fracture was near a joint, it may be difficult if not impossible to move. Those who have a fracture are also likely to feel extremely lightheaded. Their skin may become pale and they are likely to faint. These signs are especially present when the femur or pelvic bone have been broken. Once a physician makes an examination of the area, they will generally order X-rays in order to confirm their assessment. These may also provide other information that the doctor was not able to obtain through an external exam.

Fracture Treatments

Most people with a fracture will have a cast or brace used to immobilize the area. Before the cast is applied, the doctor may have the limb placed in a splint for a while. This is to allow the swelling to go down before the cast goes on. All of these items will hold the bones in place so that healing may begin. The amount of time a cast is necessary can depend upon a variety of factors. Some people may need to have it changed during the course of bone healing. Metal pieces may be inserted during a surgical procedure should the break be severe. Sometimes these are done completely internally and other situations demand that the pins are connected externally through a brace of some sort. This may be necessary when the surrounding tissues are severely damaged. Surgical intervention is virtually always necessary for comminuted fractures. These require a pre-surgical exam. The surgeon will make a small incision and place plates or pins in the body to hold the bones in place. These are often left even after healing. Physical therapy may be recommended for proper healing after the surgery.

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Patient Reviews

I have been in here several times as my family doctor is located in Springfield. I have always had an excellent experience. Highly recommend.

Shelly O.


Excellent service! Will go again, if needed of course!

Jacelyn S.


Friendly staff who really care about your health.

Robert K.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place: from the staff, the cleanliness, the professional attitudes, the no-wait time, the kind and caring Dr. Toofan, to the sticker on the way out... excellent! Very impressed.

Jesse M.


Love love this place!! I have been taking my daughter here when she is sick since she was 3 months old! They give me what I need and if you don't need it they don't! I trust them very much! This place is a lot more money then other places in regards to my insurance coverage, but you can't buy trust!

Jared & Kristin W.


I can't give enough stars to this AMAZING place! We got in and out within 30 minutes. Staff was so polite and nice. Dr. Beth was great with my little one. Not only was our experience in the facility a great one, but Dr. Beth personally called me the next day to check on my Baby. That meant a lot to me. I have a hard time trusting Drs that aren't our regular one, but I definitely will be revisiting here if ever needed.

Ashley S.


I just left here and although I'm sick with BRONCHITIS my soul was happy to have Dr. Toofan, Paul MD as my provider today. He was very attentive and friendly. The staff was also amazingly friendly. The facility is absolutely gorgeous for an express care clinic!!!

Mary M.


Very friendly, fast and thorough!! Thank you very much!

Crystal H.


Every experience my family has had at Taylorville Urgent Care has been great. Friendly and professional. Quick responses and I think the follow up is wonderful. So pleased to have this resource in our town. Thank you especially to Angie A!

Schales N.


Fast and friendly, the NP was awesome, highly recommend this place! Dr. Toofan is awesome! It was nice to see a doctor that is involved with his office! Excellent Care!

Leslie N.


Very friendly staff!! The doctor was wonderful!! Completely satisfied with our experience!! In and out in no time!! I believe this was the easiest and best trip for care we have experienced!! I think everyone in Taylorville should check this place out when they need care!! You won't be sorry!! I hope you advertise what can be done here a lot more so we keep this wonderful facility in Taylorville!!!!

Barb W.


My little one was sick, whilst we were out of town on a Sunday. I had seen this Urgent Care from the interstate & decided to see if they were open. They were & even opened the door a few min. early to let us in. The office was clean, & the staff was very kind & courteous. Dr. Toofan was great with my daughter (he has kids) & got us in and out very quickly. They had her RX available there, if we didn't want to go to a pharmacy. Having just received a call (just over 24 hours from the initial visit) from the Dr. (not from the receptionist or even a nurse) to see how things were going, I felt that a review was definitely deserved. This is exactly what an Urgent Care should be!

James P.


I prefer Taylorville Urgent Care over the ER. You are greeted the second you come through the door and I have never had to wait longer than 5 minutes, if that to be seen. The staff is very friendly, well experienced, professional, and knowledgeable. They are very thorough in their workup and treatment of your health issue. Further, medial supplies, if needed, are provided for your injuries that the hospital will not provide. The staff seems to be genuinely concerned about providing the best care possible. I consider this service to be state of the art. I'm extremely happy they are here. This care facility is definitely an asset to Taylorville.

Sally T.


Thank you Bethany for your help today! The options of getting prescriptions filled there was definitely cheaper on me. The staff was all great as well this was my first visit.

Cathy R.


The nurses super awesome and friendly to us!!!

Kasper C.